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We are an award-winning bioinformatics company that combines 3D animation, multimedia and scientific knowledge to meet your communication needs. With our academic background in the fields of biotechnology and molecular cell biology and our computer expertise we provide cutting edge 3D animation productions for even the most complex projects. We translate complex scientific information into comprehensible artistic imagery in order to improve communication in the life sciences. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the possibilities for your unique project.


“Cortical Studios turned out to be a great partner for creating a mode of action animation for one of our products. The working relationship was professional, efficient and inspiring. In quickly understanding the science and our needs, the Cortical Studios team produced an impressive visualization which turned out to be a great tool to convey complex information in an informative and beautiful to watch movie.”  

Günther Metz - SVP Business Development
Santhera Pharmaceuticals

“In May 2015 three lectures on the (dys)functioning of the brain were shown on the Dutch television. The goal was to make a fantastic journey through the major parts of the brain, the lobes, in close relationship with important brain regions that are located deep inside the brain. To present the cooperation between all these brain regions in such a way that laymen could easily understand it, we needed superb animations, made by a team that really understood the (dys)functioning of these complex networks. Martijn Rijnberg and Sicco de Vries succeeded completely! The reactions from all over the Netherlands, from those who watched the shows, were extremely enthusiastic, in particular about the insight they got from the beautiful and impressive animations of the brain. So, the credits for the success of the program are for a large part due to the expertise of and the fine cooperation with Martijn and Sicco.”

Prof. dr. Erik J.A. Scherder - Head of the Department of Clinical Neuropsychology
VU University Amsterdam

“An animation company needs to be able to listen, needs to have proper knowledge, needs to be creative and needs to be able to handle deadlines accurately. We need this in order to be able to transfer abstraction into concrete images.

Cortical Studios is that great partner for us. Cortical Studios knows how to bring the invisible to life, in an impressive manner.”

Werner Degger - Producer
AVC University of Amsterdam

“I wanted to take the time to thank you and your team very much, for the achievements in the 3D work of our films. It is really impressive and it provides a serious added value to our film. The responses, so far, have been very positive and they are especially due to the animations and their background meaning and the various layers in the film.”

Nicole Verbeeck - Sr. Communications Specialist, Global R&D Communications
Johnson & Johnson

“Thanks for the animation work. We have received a lot of positive feedback of both patients and colleagues. Many compliments, also on behalf of the cardiac team!”

Joris van Eijck - Business manager Cardiac Center
Academic Medical Center Amsterdam

“We are very pleased with the visualisation of our CLIPS™ technology. Instead of showing many slides, we are now able to show what our technology can mean to our customers in one minute. In particular because of the scientific background of Cortical Studios, the production process of the 3D animation was very successful.”

Peter van Dijken - Chief Commercial Officer
Pepscan Therapeutics

“We are very happy about the great collaboration we had with Cortical Studios. The illustrations that Cortical Studios' team created for us were quite complex, requiring an understanding of an innovative new combination of medical, chemical and mechanical elements that needed to be visualized through several phases of the disease therapy process. Furthermore, we requested a strong artistic touch and an impressive 3D perspective which they executed perfectly.”

Sandy Hathaway - Global Communications & Global Sales Strategy

“I would like to compliment you on the outstanding end result of the animation. We are impressed! Our complex technology for the tracing of antigen-specific T cells was visualised in a comprehensible manner. We very much appreciate your effort in the entire project and we very much appreciate your effort for realising our wishes.”

Paul Brockhoff - Marketing Manager


May, 2018
Mr. & Mrs. Lane
For the television lectures “Stress”, “Language” and “Music” by neuropsychologist prof. dr. Erik Scherder, producer Mr. & Mrs. Lane commissioned Cortical Studios and Glow studio to create the visuals that detail a diversity of brain regions and their interactions. In addition to the anatomical structures, we have visualized the neural pathways, to give more insight into the working of the brain related to these three topics.

April, 2018
Sartorius Corporation
Development of a testimonial video regarding the experience of Modiquest Research with the Intellicyt iQue Screener and the ForeCyt software.

March, 2018
NobleBio commissioned Cortical Studios to create a film that details several mechanisms of action of Bacillus subtilis bacteria. The film explains NobleBio’s philosophy: Killing bacteria with antibiotics, pesticides and chemicals will lead to a disbalans in nature, with major unpredictable consequences. It requires a new approach. We must restore our alliance with the bacteria and exploit their beneficial qualities.

December, 2017
New York Festivals
Cortical Studios joins the Grand Jury at the 2018 New York Festival International Television & Film Awards.

May, 2017
Kemin asked us to make an adjusted version of the Lysoforte animation, to make it suitable for their updated Lysoforte Extend product. By substituting several graphical elements, we were able to redesign an old animation custom-made for their new product.

April, 2017
In a joint effort with Glow Studio, Cortical Studios was responsible for the development three films that explain the development of myopia, the mechanism of action of orthokeratology, and the advantages of wearing Ortho-K lenses.

December, 2016
New York Festivals
Cortical Studios has been invited to join the Grand Jury at the 2017 New York Festival International Television & Film Awards.

July, 2016
Music and the Brain
Development of 3D animations for the lecture concert Music and the Brain at The Concertgebouw with prof. dr. Erik Scherder.

May, 2016
Kyiv International Advertising Festival
Cortical Studios is invited to join the jury for the category “Film Craft and Branded Content & Visual Storytelling” at the 17th Kyiv International Advertising Festival.

December, 2015
New York Festivals
Cortical Studios joins the Grand Jury at the 2016 New York Festival International Television & Film Awards.

October, 2015
Innovation Event
Presentation at KvK Innovation Event, SugarCity.

October, 2015
Cortical Brain
Development of a 3D augmented reality App, Cortical Brain, that illuminates several important structures in the brain. Download (iPhone or iPad) and print the target image (or view on a second screen) to get started.

April, 2015
De Wereld Draait Door
For the three-part television show ‘Het Brein’ by prof. dr. Erik Scherder at DWDD University, together Cortical Studios and Glow Studio developed more than 30 short animations illuminating the complex nature of the human brain. Topics such as facial recognition, communication between brain areas, and the impact of brain disorders are vividly elucidated with great care and respect. In close collaboration with prof. dr. Erik Scherder, we created a diversity of anatomical visualizations to support his fascinating lectures. 30 April, 7 and 14 May at 20:30 at NPO1, Dutch television.

February, 2015
Santhera Pharmaceuticals commissioned Cortical Studios to create two animations that detail the modes of action of idebenone, a molecule aimed at the genetic diseases Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy.

November, 2014
Philips Healthcare

October, 2014
New York Festivals
Cortical Studios has been invited to join the Grand Jury at the 2015 New York Festival International Television & Film Awards.

May, 2014
Het Parool
An in-depth interview in Dutch newspaper ‘Het Parool’ regarding our scientific 3D animation services and the recent awards we have won.

April, 2014
NRC and NRC Next
Due to the gold medal we have won at the 2014 New York Festivals, Cortical Studios was interviewed for an article about scientific visualizations for Dutch newspapers NRC and NRC Next.

April, 2014
New York Festivals
Cortical Studios wins a gold medal at the New York Festivals with its scientific information film on probiotics. The award was presented in Las Vegas on 8 April at the 57th edition of the prestigious New York Festivals. In the International Television & Film Competition, the film won the gold medal in the category Instruction & Education. Besides the gold medal, the film also won a bronze medal in the category Animation.

January, 2014
Development of an interactive 3D healthcare App, illuminating the complex interaction of a rheumatic disease and its diversity of treatments.

November, 2013
The Global Awards
The 2013 Global Awards congratulates Cortical Studios for their award-winning creative film, “CLOSTAT, a Next Generation Probiotic”. It was listed as finalist in the category "Communication to the Healthcare Professional: Video, Audio, Interactive Media Scientific Films.”

September, 2013
BKC Media
Development of an MoA animation, confidential.

August, 2013
Onboard Experience
In collaboration with Hartnell Creative Communication, Cortical Studios delivers a scientific animation for an exhibition installation that provides an immersive experience for visitors at a pharmaceutical convention.

July, 2013
The Global Awards
Cortical Studios has been invited to join the Grand Jury at the 2013 Global Awards.

April, 2013
Innovation Event
Presentation at the Innovation Event 2013 at the Amsterdam Convention Factory.

February, 2013
Hartnell Creative Communication
Cortical Studios delivers an adjusted version of the gene therapy animation to make it suitable for an interactive installation designed by the award-winning company Hartnell Creative Communication.

January, 2013
In the second phase of the rheumatology Pfizer project, together Cortical Studios and Glow Studio developed an animation illustrating the pathologic characteristics of rheumatoid arthritis and its possible treatments.

October, 2012
New York Festivals
Cortical Studios is invited to serve as a jury member for the 2013 New York Festival International Television & Film Awards.

17/18 September, 2012
Cortical Studios presents at The PICNIC Festival 2012 at The EYE Film Institute.

May, 2012
Development of an MoA animation for Lysoforte, a biosurfactant enhancing nutrient absorption.

February, 2012
Kemin AgriFoods commissioned Cortical Studios to create an animation that details the mechanism of action of CLOSTAT, a Bacillus subtilis strain including PB6 to help maintain intestinal health.

December, 2011
The Global Awards
The film "Our Immune System" was listed as finalist in the categories "Animation Computer" and "Film / Video (Communication to the Healthcare Professional)" at The 2011 Global Awards.

October, 2011
University of Amsterdam
In a joint effort with Cyberfish, Cortical Studios redesigned an animation for the University of Amsterdam, demonstrating how with the use of gene therapy, a liver cell can be genetically changed.

October, 2011
New York Festivals
Cortical Studios has been invited to join the Grand Jury at the 2012 New York Festival International Television & Film Awards.

June, 2011
New York Festivals
Cortical Studios won a silver medal and two bronze medals at the 2011 International New York Festivals (NYF) in the categories "Professional Education", "Instruction & Education" and "Animation" with the short film "Our Immune System".

May, 2011
Cortical Studios was selected by Sanquin Blood Supply to create an animation illustrating their combinatorial coding technology, that makes simultaneous monitoring of a large number of T cell specificities possible and increases the speed of epitope identification and biomarker discovery.

April, 2011
The Telly Awards
The film "Our Immune System" won two silver awards (1st place) and three bronze awards in the categories "Education (for Academic Use)", "Animation", "Use of Animation", "Education" and "Pharmaceuticals" at The 32 Annual Telly Awards

April, 2011
Cortical Studios was appointed by BIOTRONIK to produce two 3D illustrations about their latest developments in drug-eluting technologies for cardiovascular disease.

March, 2011
Development of an animation that details the mechanism of action on Hepastem, a unique cell therapy product, to treat severe diseases of the liver affecting children and adults.

March, 2011
Development of an MoA animation, confidential.

November, 2010
In a joint effort with Glow Studio, Cortical Studios was responsible for the development of the short film "Our Immune System", which explains the process of inflammation and what goes wrong in the functioning of the body, when a person suffers from an autoimmune disease.

27 October, 2010
Cortical Studios presents at
Pakhuis de Zwijger.

November, 2009
Movetis – Across Health
Development of an animation that details the mechanism of action on Resolor, a selective, high affinity 5-HT4 receptor agonist for the treatment of chronic constipation.

August, 2009
Academic Medical Center – University of Amsterdam
Production of several animations for the AMC Cardiac Center.

May, 2009
Animation for the launch of one of the new Centrum multivitamins.

April, 2009
University of Amsterdam
Development of two animations that examine the progress of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE). The animations were created for a new anticoagulent.

February, 2009
Presentation at AIM Event 2009

November, 2008
The Global Awards
The double gold winning short film "From Molecule to Medicine", developed in part by Cortical Studios, has won a Global Award in the category "Consumer: Film/Video". The awards are dedicated to excellence in healthcare communications on an international basis.

October, 2008
Cortical Studios gives a television interview at ScienceFlash.

September, 2008
Cortical Studios presents at Discovery08,
a scientific festival at the NEMO Science Center.

January, 2008
New York Festivals
Norvell Jefferson won two gold medals in the category "Health/Medical Issues" and in the category "Healthcare Professional Education" at the 2008 international New York Festivals (NYF).
In this joint effort with Glow Studio, Cortical Studios was chiefly responsible for portraying the 3D animations on sound scientific principles whilst enhancing the artistic content of the images.

March, 2007
Living Tomorrow Vilvoorde
Cortical Studios was one of the parties responsible for the development of the short film "From Molecule to Medicine", explaining the process of the development of new medicine, and a short film about the latest scientific technologies to be possibly used in medical science.

June, 2007
Excerpta Medica
Development of an animation that shows the mechanism of action of a new medicine.

February, 2006
Pepscan Systems
An animation for the explanation of Pepscans CLIPS technology.

January, 2006
HAN Expertise Centre
Production of an animation for the Opening of a new BioCentre.

October, 2005
Development of a medical animation, that details the mechanism of action on several biologicals, for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

October, 2004
Genomics innovation day 2004
‘Capture the Potential of Genomics‘

October, 2002
BioExchange 2002

October, 2002
CPhI Worldwide 2002
‘The Biotech Hot Spot‘

Juni, 2002
Bio 2002
'The International Biotechnology Convention & Exhibition'

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