Who we are

Cortical Studios, located in the heart of Amsterdam, is specialized in the production of custom medical and educational 3D animations. We are a life sciences bioinformatics company that combines animation, multimedia and scientific knowledge to meet your communication needs.

Cortical Studios and its partner Cyberfish Laboratories' staff includes senior 3D animators and illustrators with an academic background in the fields of biotechnology and molecular cell biology. Since the launch of Cyberfish Laboratories in 1995, they have developed and produced many high-quality animations and built a solid trust and good working relationship with their clients. In 2001 Cortical Studios was founded to focus on the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and educational industries.

Cortical Studios is commited to producing highly accurate, stylish animations and graphics which exceed the clients’ expectations. Our goal is to translate complex scientific information into comprehensible artistic imagery in order to improve communication in the life sciences.


Martijn Rijnberg, founder and director of Cortical Studios, holds a master’s degree in biology (biotechnology) at the University of Amsterdam, with a specialization in the fields of molecular cell biology. After developing a 3D animation showing applications of gene therapy, he started to work at Cyberfish Laboratories in 2001 where he developed his unique ideas to focus on the biotechnological, pharmaceutical and educational industries. In order to monitor and stay ahead of developments in this new sector, and to provide high-standard animations for biomedical companies, close relations with experts in the computer and life sciences communities are essential. By joining the creative process in a hands-on way, the partners of Cortical Studios form a strong alliance with the company's executive team. Martijn’s scientific and creative-ICT network enables him to translate any scientific idea into an artistic and crystal clear message.

Since 1995, Cyberfish Laboratories has been an audiovisual 3D animation studio with the technical, creative and production capabilities to create state-of-the-art animated films. Cyberfish Laboratories’ objective is to combine advanced computer technology and creative talent to develop 3D animations with artistic qualities. The partners, Freddy Peters, Ronald van Vemden,  and Pieter van Lier have more than 25 years of undisputed 3D experience between them and have done work in a wide variety of disciplines. The team has experience in a very broad field which ranges from chemical research to high quality animation and special effects.

Freddy Peters has a strong creative background in fine arts, 3D animation, camera work, and music composing. After doing research at a chemical laboratory in Enschede for several years, he initiated the 3D start-up venture Cyberfish Laboratories in order to make full use of his animation talents. Due in great part to his efforts (and of co-founder Rolf Schoeber), nowadays Cyberfish Laboratories is a stable cutting-edge 3D animation studio that participates in projects of the largest and most respected companies. After attending the Academy of Art in Arnhem, Ronald van Vemden worked for nine years at a professional illustration studio using air-brush and sculpture techniques. His interests for computer animation made him join Cyberfish Laboratories where he acquired an extensive knowhow of character modeling and animation. Ronald’s understanding of stylish illustrations and 3D models, combined with his very great knowledge of computer hardware and software, makes him an ideal creative partner. Pieter van Lier graduated at the Academy of Arts in Arnhem and got a Master’s Degree in 3D design. With an architectural and audiovisual background, he discovered a unique way to combine his interests in art and technology at Cyberfish Laboratories. He recently participated in the production of high-quality animations for Philips, Lost Boys, Prisma, VDO Dayton and Canon. The mix of creative talent,  technical knowledge and enthusiasm makes Cyberfish Laboratories a professional company that is able to translate your ideas into eye-catching compelling imagery. With Cortical Studios as scientific partner of Cyberfish Laboratories, we will be able to produce clear and artistic 3D animations for companies in the life sciences.

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