What we do

Cortical Studios is specialized in the design, production and implementation of custom high-end biomedical 3D animations and illustrations for video, broadcast, print, and interactive multimedia. Whether you want an animation of drug interaction or an anatomical illustration of a virus particle, we have the in-depth scientific knowledge to translate the information into a stylish understandable visual message.

Our animations can be used for symposia, mailings, congresses, refresher courses, presentations, student material, and interactive CD-ROMS. For example, the animations can be integrated into electronic detail aids for drug representatives. By means of a laptop, comprehensive product information is brought to life with stunning 3D animation, animated schemes, illustrations, research data, and digital video. The animations provide compelling clarity, great originality and a high impact, while the USPs of the drug are emphasized.

Besides the elucidation of your products, the use of our animations will also help to convey a high tech innovative company image. A short animation with a voice-over will contain all the information necessary to instruct your audience  - no more switching between figures and text. We make use of the educational possibilities interactive multimedia can bring to science acquisition. Full implementation of the 3D animations into interactive CD-ROMS and websites is part of our services.

We stay involved with the client every step of the process of translating the concept into a comprehensible visual message. Working closely with you, we will research your project, consult with experts, illustrate storyboards, develop a wireframe motion study, create the final detailed animation and integrate it into the medium you desire. We customize the animation for the potential clients, adjusting the amount of complexity for the instruction of medical specialists, physicians, chemists, patients, students or the general public.

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